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Civil War is upon us...

Whose side are you on?

Civil War
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The Story:

What began with a flash of naiveté, ended with the deaths of hundreds. In the quiet suburban town of Stamford, Connecticut, where a group of unknown young heroes overestimated their own abilities. Thinking they could control a breach in reality, rather than calling for help from people more experienced than themselves, they caused an explosion that lead to the destruction of most of the town. There were few or no survivors.

The heroes' actions came out when a broadcast was caught online, that the heroes in question were sending out for their website.

With that incident as the igniting spark, everything in the U.S. changed. Superhero Regulation and Registration swept through the government and sides were quickly drawn.

On one side you have Iron Man, figurehead for the governmental's registration forces. Who believes that the superhero community needs to comply with the Super Human Registration Act, for the sake of both superhumans and regular humans alike. Leading the charge he has put himself in dangers of criticism and threats alike to do what he believes is right.
(Iron Man's POV explained here...)

The other side is led by Captain America, who was attacked before the act was even signed when the CSA liaison to the Avengers tried to draft him to hunt down unregistered heroes. He strongly believes that the Act is illegal and breaks the rights of superhumans all over the country.
(Captain America's POV explained here...)

The story begins one month before the resgistration Act becomes mandatory.


[x] Iron Man - iron_avenger
[ ] Captain America - Open
[x] Spiderman - civilwarspider
[ ] Spiderwoman - Open
[ ] Arachne - Open
[x] Arana - arana_spider
[x] Wolverine - howlett_x
[ ] Goliath - Open
[ ] Falcon - Open
[ ] Daredevil - Open
[ ] Iron Fist - Open
[ ] Yellowjacket - Open
[ ] Wasp - Open
[ ] She Hulk - Open
[ ] Cable - Open
[ ] Ms. Marvel - Open
[ ] Ares - Open
[x] Mr. Fantastic - richardselastic
[ ] Invisible Woman - Open
[x] Human Torch - torchme
[ ] Sentry - Open
[x] Punisher - punisherwarrior
[x] Luke Cage - luke_obama_cage
[x] Deadpool - mercwithdamouth

Don't let this list influence you, if there's a character you'd like to play within the Civil War, just register and we'll get back to you.


Who You're Applying For:
Describe the character:

Please use this sample to register. And post it HERE.


Joining: Who's coming into your thread? Open, Closed, Certain members and such.
Location: Where your RP is taking place.
Time: What time of day or what particular day is it?
Recap: What your RP entails, what's it about.
Warnings: Violence is all about you'll need here. Since there shouldn't be horribly sexual content at all, if there is MINOR sc then post it here. Remember explicit pr0n isn't allowed. I want the comm to be for everyone and safe for everyone.

Basic Rules:

+ No Godmoding. What I mean by this, is that you cannot control another person's character without their permission. If you are playing two characters and they are interacting within the same post I allow it in MODERATION. don't abuse your privelage.

+ You cannot have an all powerful character. Even the most powerful characters in Marvel can get hurt, so please play fair.

+ Also I would like to add that if your character does not know another personally in the series, please do not write as if they have some sort of history (please discuss these things with the other player)

+ Two words: Spell Check

+ Stay active. Do not sign up, post once or twice, then never return. This is unacceptable. If you are absent for a lenghtly amount of time without notice we can and will give your character to someone else. When you join, you must always try to do your best to keep up with the RP. If you are going to be absent for a length of time, you MUST inform one of the mods or leave an OOC message for everyone to see.
Know whats going on. Please play attention to the other rp's and not just your own. Sometimes certain events are brought up again down the road, and it is best to know whats going on. If you are new, please read though old posts to get an idea of whats happening before you post. If you need help just ask!

+ Be nice. In no way will we tolerate discrimination to other players. We want you to have fun, not to fight. Anyone found breaking this rule will be banned. No warning.

+ Remember not all players will know everything thats going on. Use your own judgement. If Cap is eating in a diner down the street, then do you really think Iron Man is going to know about it? No. Of course not. However, Tony could certainly come around looking for food himself and happen to find Cap.

+ OOC brackets. Please when speaking Out Of Character use brackets. (( like this )) or [[this]]

+ DO NOT USE ALL CAPS. It is annoying.

+ One lined posts are not acceptable. Must be at least five sentences long. AT LEAST. In comments at least two sentences.

+ Pairings are allowed. But make it resonable, don't make it unrealistic.

+ No dead characters. If you really want to play one. You must give a plausible reason why they wouldn't be dead. This reason will be examined by the Mods first.

+ No ooc characters. You must be able to rp them as they are in the books. We all know Spidey can be emo but don't over do it! Don't overdramatize your characters and don't make them suck either.

+ RP journals, so we know what you're up to
If you do not have a RP journal and wish to make a journal post in the RP comm, please put it under a LJ CUT and write journal entry in the subject box. The rest of us will treat it as a journal entry

+ NPCs: These are non-player characters, these dudes are allowed as long as they are helping move your story along. Don't go on creating a character out of them. Eventually they will have to leave get killed off. Like if your in a hospital, there ARE going to be nurses and doctors, you certaintly don't heal yourself when your unconcious.

+ The Max Marvel characters you can play is 2.

+ FRIEND THE OTHER MEMBERS! It's always nice to read what they got going on in their journals. Also so you're aware of what they write about you or whatever and such and such.

+ And most importantly, Have fun!

The lines have been drawn...
Whose side are you on?