Anya Sofia Corazon (arana_spider) wrote in civilwarrpg,
Anya Sofia Corazon

Joining: Tag Spidey - But open to all
Location: The middle of New York City
Time: Night
Recap: Arana goes for a swing around the city to clear her head after the announcement of the accident at Stamford
Warnings: None

Anya leaped off the building she was sitting on, snagging a flagpole with her bolas and swinging by it, before throwing the other, continuing this way until she was swinging just above the pavement. Looking down, she saw mother hurrying out of the way with their babies as if she was some kind of monster. She frowned but swung a little higher. Suddenly, a rock went whizzing past her head and she pulled up, balancing on a lamp-post.  Looking down she saw a group of about four angry men, brandishing baseball bats and crowbars.

"Hey! What's the big idea?! Trying to swing here!"  She shouted at them.

'Go to hell, where you belong, just like your "Teen Saviors," freak!' They shouted back, lobbing rocks and cans, and pretty much anything throwable at her.

She knocked them all away before jumping up and swinging out of range, jumping high and throwing a double salto, before landing lightly on a rooftop. She pulled off her goggles and shook her head. It was starting already.

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