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Joining: Open to anyone
Location: Alphabet City (The area around Avenues A-D in Manhatten. Long considered a pretty rough area.)
Time: Night
Recap: Frank is taking his anger over Stanford out on the local gangs
Warnings: Slight language warning

The Punisher walked almost silently through a grimy alley near Avenue D. The whole Stanford incident had put him in an exceptionally foul mood and he knew of only one way to direct those feelings. Twenty-nine members of the Bullet Boyz, the street gang to most recently sit at the top of the heap in Alphabet City, had fallen to his anger in a vicious firefight at their HQ only a few minutes before. Pleased with his victory the Punisher was already mentally planning a raid on a drug lab in the Bronx as he walked to his battlevan.


Just then there was a small scraping sound behind him. The vigilante whirled and pulled a CZ-75 pistol from his trenchcoat as he did so. When he saw who it was the Punisher arched his eyebrows but did not lower his weapon.


“You? What the hell do you want?”

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